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Immersive audio from your stereo

Spatial audio can greatly enhance immersion, awareness and presence. However conventional reproduction methods have drawbacks: Headphones give variable results, and can be tiring to wear. Loudspeaker arrays require space and setting up, and are expensive. Soundbars are bespoke hardware devices and are expensive.

FATstereo reproduces immersive audio efficiently using two regular loudspeakers, that are controlled adaptively depending on the movement of the listener's head, captured by camera. A steady scene is produced in all directions, for a wide range of head positions and angles. Any sound source can be used, including multichannel output from games and video players, or stereo output from music players. Reverberation and rotation effects are included to enhance the immersive experience.  The loudspeakers can be placed in a wide range of positions, and the system is highly configurable.

FATstereo is based on new research linked to Ambisonics. It combines reduced loudspeaker use, like conventional cross-talk cancellation methods, with the efficient high quality transparent audio processing associated with Ambisonics.

 2ch  5.1ch  7.1ch

Multichannel formats, including user-defined

Games, movies and music

Windows   macOS   IOS   Android

3D reverb and rotation effects

Precise head tracking for immersive audio

and free movement over a wide area

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